Saturday, April 28, 2018

Review: Illuminate

Illuminate Illuminate by Aimee Agresti
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

If you enjoy books following the main character on a journey on finding out who they really are and what they are capable of, then you will enjoy this book.

This is another book where I think if I had found it when I was in high school, I would have probably loved it. It has a great plot but the way everything was leading up to the climax was a bit disappointing for me. The ending was great however, it was hard to put it down when it got to the last 10% of the book.

This is one series that I'm going to have to pass up, even though I believe it has a great storyline. It didn't hook me into as much as I wished it did.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Just Not Feeling It...

This week has been another uneventful week. There have been some weeks where I felt like I have nothing to say at all. Nothing to share really. I'm trying to not have blogging feel like a chore that needs to be done and lately it has been. I'm not the most active person when it comes to being present on social media and I'm not going to feel guilty about that. I always feel bad when it comes to this stuff and I really need to stop and do what makes me happy. There will be weeks where I will have some posts and there will be weeks where I won't have one at all. And it's ok. I don't need to put this stress on myself. I just need to be happy with what I actually do get posted. 

I hope you understand my ramblings and thank you for putting up with my ups and downs. It's ok for me to admit that I'm human and sometimes just don't have anything to share. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Dealing With Disappointment

I've been dealing with a hard week. My anxiety has been on the breaking point all week and have been barely hanging on by a thread. I was dreading leaving the house all week and just wanted to hide from the world. More so since Thursday. Our trying to conceive journey has been extended once again and the sadness had set in full force. I've been kind of in a depression fog ever since then. Well, I'm not sure if you could call in depression. I'm more heartbroken than depressed. Yes, I cried the first day or two but now I'm just numb. I'm trying to keep my mind and hands busy. 

I've put some work into all of my projects, even started a new crochet project. I had also finished a project today too! I got one of the three Jolly Stockings finished. The first being for Jordan.

The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver in Camo, Tea Leaf, and Coffee. The hook size is US H- 5.00mm. I've also been reading Illiumate by Amiee Agresti, an ebook loan from my local library. It's a Young Adult, fiction novel about a sixteen-year-old girl who starts working at a special hotel that has some quirks. It's ok so far, but I may not finish the rest of the series. It's not hooking me into it.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Review: April & Oliver

April & Oliver April & Oliver by Tess Callahan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To start off, this is a very well written novel. The writing had me immersed in the story every time I picked up the book. It was a refreshing read after all of the young adults' novels/series I had been reading. (Sometimes you need a change of pace before you get burned out with a genre.)

Now, my only gripe I have with this novel is that the summery in the book jacket and here on Goodreads is kind of misleading. To me, it gives the impression that it's going to be this romance novel about two people who have a history of being best friends since being teenagers with a hint of deeper feelings underneath that come out while one character is about to get married and the other deals with abusive relationships. Then, possibly, in the end, they get together and live happily ever after. This isn't necessarily the case. There is a lot of tension, some romantic tension but mostly tension from unresolved issues from some tough topics from the past. And the ending leaves a bit of a melancholy feeling to into, not the happily ever after you expect from novels listed in the romance genre. It wasn't what I expected but not in a bad way.

This is one that will be sticking around on my bookshelf for a while longer and we'll see how I feel about in the future whenever I re-read it.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter. We had another quiet holiday at home. We had ventured out into town to go to Lucky's Market for lunch and to pick up something for our Easter dinner. We got their Dinner for Two meals that were Spinach and Cheese Lasagna, green beans, and Ceaser salad then later watched The Rugrats Movie on Netflix as our movie of choice. All and all a peaceful day.

I had some lab work done this past Monday to check to see if the HCG shot I was given had worked. And it looks like it has! So now we wait and see.

I finished knitting Jordan's Antler Hat yesterday after I had talked about it on the March recap video. Just in time for Easter! 

Now to make one for me and the small sizes for future baby Williams.