Monday, December 12, 2016

Holiday Crafting

Holiday crafting, we all do it at some point in our crafting careers. There a many people who start new projects at the beginning of the month and finishes them before their gift giving holiday. And there are some people that start way earlier in the year. (I tend to be the former.) But this year for the holidays. I've been pretty selfish with my making. In the last few years, I've tried to do entirely handmade gifts for everyone, which lead to me knitting like the wind all the way to Christmas day and a day or two after. After that year, I had to decide who I was able to give gifts to each year, which cut out a few members of my family that I don't see as often as I use to. 

Then Christmas 2014 happened. If you are a long time reader of the blog, you may remember that I was woefully behind on getting my family's present finished and mailed off in time. They got them maybe a month or two later, though I will give myself some slack, I was working two retail jobs at the time. But I was pretty disappointed in myself. So I decided to no longer make gifts. At least I'm no longer planning gifts for people anymore. I no longer want to deal with the deadlines and the stress that comes from that, and I don't want that item to hold negative vibes in them.

But that doesn't mean that I won't ever gift people handmade things. I make things that bring me joy and if the thing I'm making reminds me of someone while I'm working on it then that project goes to that person. Which means projects from earlier in the year (well some) are finding homes this Christmas. I have a pair of socks, mitts, a scarf, and two hats that I'm gifting this year.

But this Christmas, I've mostly been knitting on some WIPs that have been on my needles for a while. I want to clear off my needles by the end of the year so I can cast on new things in the new year. We'll see if that happens. ;) 

Are you doing any gift crafting this year? If you are also trying to clear off your needles, come join the Finish-It-Up KAL/CAL in the Ravelry group.  

Happy Holiday Crafting!