Monday, June 20, 2016

Memory Monday: June 20, 2016

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day, and if you don't celebrate Father's Day, I hope that you had a peaceful Sunday. I'm hoping to make this week as awesome as I can, I would love to be super productive but we'll see what happens by the end of the week. :P

I'm finally caught up with all of the Tennessee Trip and the rest of the pictures from April. If you have seen them, they are on my Twitter feed. (Just follow the link, it will take you to my page.) I am not on Instagram, and will probably never be. I don't have a smart phone and I'm enjoying just using my point-and-shoot camera, and on occasion my flip phone (only when I forget my camera). Long story short, if you want to see the pictures I take, follow me on Twitter. I'm trying to share more on there. 

So here's a photo from May:

Wire wrapped trees on driftwood at Florapolis in St. Andrews, FL (May 14, 2016)

I hope you have a great start to your summer!

Happy Crafting!