Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Episode 37: "Show and Tell"

This week's episode is live on Youtube and here on the blog! Show notes are below. Enjoy!

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Week in review:
Still working a lot and got my new tires on my car, I may use my old tires to plant flowers.


Crafty Stuff:
I finished the Wimbourne Wasp block for the Harry Potter blanket and my Terribly Simple shawl.
I've just mostly worked on my Light-weight Patchwork blanket.
Up next is the Wheat scarf and Jordan's Flax sweater.

Show and Tell:
Our paintings

Tv Time:
We watched The Last Witch Hunter last week and have been watching The Ranch on Netflix.
I've been watching Switched at Birth on Netflix and Teen Mom 2 on Hulu.

Gamer's Corner:
I'm still playing The Sims 2 and Jordan has been playing World of Tanks.

Good bye!
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Happy Knitting!