Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Little Bit About Me.

While I was brainstorming for some new blog posts I came up with the idea of doing a few posts that tell you a little about me. If you have been reading the blog for some time now you probably have some idea of who I am, but for those of you who just found me (HI!) I wanted to have a post that's kind of a introduction. I had one when I first started the blog, but I somehow manage to delete it when I was trying to organize the blog. I don't know how I managed to do it but what's done is done. I also might do some posts that have "what's your favorite thing" prompts to it. Whatever I can find online. It might be fun to do those every year or so to see what has changed. But anyway..

Hello! I'm Samantha, but I go by Sam here on the blog and pretty much everywhere else. I'm not too picky about which name I go by. I grew up with that nickname all my life so I'm ok with it. It was my initials before I got married, but now it's a shorter version of my name.

I talk about my little family often here on the blog. Jordan, my husband, has been really supportive of me doing the blog and the podcast. If it wasn't for him, I might not be posting as much as I do. And a lot of the Memory Monday posts are of our three cats; Harry, Moka, and Bravo, with some other pictures of stuff we've done over the past weeks.

I started the blog to talk about what hobbies I do and my progress with said hobbies. I know that there are a ton of other blogs online that lots of people love reading, so I wasn't planning on trying to make mine like those. I just wanted to share my crafting life and if only a few people are interested then that's ok (even though it would be awesome to have a following like the Yarn Harlot). I really just wanted to put myself out there and improve my writing skill a bit. I'm not the type of person who is very outspoken. I keep to myself and don't talk to very many people. I also wasn't very good when it came to expressing myself in writing, to me it just seemed like I was rambling about stuff that never made sense. So my goal for the blog was to improve on that and the podcast is helping me speak up and speak better to people.  And I hope that it is helping. 

If it wasn't for the awesome blogging and podcasting community, I wouldn't have been inspired to start my own. I would have just kept thinking about it and not have done anything about it. There are so many podcasts now that it's hard to keep up. (I'm very behind with the ones I watch/listen to.)

I think that's a good place to start for now, I'll go more into some more stuff in later posts so stay tuned. If you have any questions for me that you would liked answered on a future post just leave it in the comments below. 

I hope your week is going well so far!