Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Regaining My Sanity

I totally forgot to post a Memory Monday post yesterday, so today's post will have TWO pictures to make up for that.  I didn't really do anything yesterday, so there isn't a reason why I didn't post. Just that time got away from me again.

Me wearing a hand knit hat!

Saturday. Jordan and I ran around town, just enjoying the day. We got a few cell phone pictures, because of course I forget my camera at home. The two pictures in this post is just a couple from that day.
Jordan and I. <3

I've hit that point where I'm tired of having a bunch of WIPs going at once. I go through this all the time, I'll want to cast on all the things then I just want to work on making one thing at a time.

I'll talk more about my projects tomorrow. (If I remember to post!)

Happy Crafting!