Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Year of Handmade: Prompt 23

What has the crafts done for you?

The crafts that I do have done a lot for me. My family always has done many crafts for as long as I can remember. My great-grandmother had crocheted for many years, I didn't know about that until she saw me crocheting when we last saw her. We bonded over that and every time I see that blanket or use it, it reminds me of her.
Her daughter (my mom's mom),  did many crafts. My mom told me about all the things she had sewn her when she was a child, and about all her crafts; sewing, jewelry making, crocheting, etc. I still have the dress she crocheted me when I was a baby up in Tennessee and we're currently using an ornament that she made as a tree topper. 

The ornament is super special to me. Not only because she made it but the way I got it. About four or five years ago, my mom, sister, and I were visiting my grandfather a few weeks before Christmas. I think we got on the topic of what we wanted for Christmas and I was joking around and said that I wanted a puppy. My grandpa stood up, went to the Christmas tree and pick this up and handed it to me. Then he said "Here's your puppy." My grandpa was a joker, He did a similar thing to my sister a few years before, but with a stick pony. So every time I look at our tree, I smile and remember the both of them.

My mom sews and does some cross-sitiching, we also did a lot of crafts when I was a child. She made many little stocking ornaments like the one on the left. (I need to get my hands on some more of them.) And we made a bunch of little Christmas decorations when I was little. Like the ornament on the right, I had painted years and years ago.
My sister was the one who got me into knitting and crocheting, but she does pretty much all the same crafts I do too. Except maybe painting and drawing. She made the two cross-stitch samplers for me show on both sides. Long story short, my crafts connect me with my family, whether it's making something together, doing our own crafts while spending some time with each other, or remembering the family that is no longer with us by the projects that they left behind or the project we made while we spent time with them. 

What have your crafts done for you?
Share your stories with me here.

Happy Crafting!