Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Year of Handmade: Prompt 18

How do you get over lack of inspiration?

When I have no inspiration I take a break. I'll read a book or play a video game. I will do something that doesn't really have anything to do with the craft(s) that I'm lacking inspiration in. Most of the time it will only take a few days for me to feel inspired again.
The past month or two I haven't really had the problem of no inspiration. I had the problem of too much inspiration. With sites like Pinterest and Ravelry, I get ideas for things all the time. (Most of the time I want to make all of the things!) And with all of the podcasters I watch/listen to make such beautiful things and that inspire me to challenge myself to also make beautiful things to share with the world. 
Don't let the lack of inspiration get you down. Just take a step back and find something else you enjoy, one that doesn't involve you to make something or for you to rack your brain for an idea that isn't there right now. They will come when they are ready to be made.

What do you do when you are hit with lack of inspiration?

Happy Crafting!