Monday, August 31, 2015

Memory Monday: August 31, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! 

Photo taken by Jordan.

"Laughter is man's most distinctive emotional expression." -Margaret Mead

Happy Crafting!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Year of Handmade :Prompt 16

Crafting Pet Peeves

I don't think I have very many pet peeves when it comes to crafting, but once I start to write about them there might be more then I thought there was. I know I have many non-crafting pet peeves but that's a whole other post for another day.But here are a few of my pet peeves that come to mind.

1. Us knitters who like to knit in public, know how it can get pretty annoying and sometimes uncomfortable having people stare at you like have two heads or did something horrible. Most of the time for me it's young people like me that give me that look and I shoot the same look right back at them. But I do get a handful of older people ask me what I'm making, what craft it is, how long have I've been doing that craft, and how did I learn it. Those kind of people I don't mind at all, the more people who ask me about the crafts the more they know about it and the high chance of them picking it up themselves. There needs to be more crafty people in the world.

2. When people tell me that they wouldn't be able to pick up a hobby because, "I don't have the time to start a hobby like that." ...I didn't have the time either, but I still learned it and when I did have time I worked on it. I'm sure if they would give up about an hour or two of screen time they would learn whatever they wanted to learn. Not having the time to do something is not an excuse, if you have time to check your social media the you have time to pick up a craft or a hobby, or anything that is more productive with the time you waste by staring at a screen.

3. "It looks too hard to learn." Anything that you try to learn will seems really hard to learn, but that's the point of learning something new. We all thought that something we were learning in school was hard, but look where you are now. You learned that thing and it made you a better person. You have to work for those kind of things, it's not going to come to you if you wish for it.

4. No, Knitting isn't just for little old ladies. If you think that then you need to get on Ravelry and talk to the lovely people there. I'm about to be 21 and I knit. And have been since I was 13 or 14. I don't think I'm an old lady, at least not yet.

5. If someone makes something for you, be grateful. They spent their hard earned money on getting the supplies to make your gift and used a lot of their free time to make it. If you don't take care of it or seem grateful then you will not be getting anything else from them again. Just remember the time that made that for you then could have made something else for themselves.

6. And my last and my biggest pet peeve. No, you can not hire me or pay me to make something for you. Yeah, there people who choose to sell the things that they make but I am not one of them. If I did decided to start charging, you wouldn't be able to afford it. Supplies can be expensive and if I was to work at minimum wage per hour it will also be expensive. You'll be looking at something that could cost you over $50, depending on the supplies and how long it can take me to finish it. My reason for not selling my stuff is because I do these crafts as a hobby not my job. I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I would like to if I felt stressed out about the end product.

There will probably be many more crafty pet peeves that pop up in the future but for now these are the ones that come to mind.

Do you have any crafting pet peeves? What are they?

Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday: August 26, 2015

During the last podcast I talked about how I was thinking about starting more projects. Well, I did. Quite a few actually. But I'll only be talking about one for right now.

I only have a little bit worked on it, but it's turning out nicely so far. I'm knitting it out of so unknown brand yarn that I had in my stash for a while. I'll be taking this to work with me to get a few rounds done on it. 

What are you working on?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Memory Monday: August 24, 2015

I hope everyone is doing great this Monday. I hope it isn't giving you any trouble . Things could be worse. :)


Happy Crafting!
Sam <3

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Episode 16: "Bravo!"

Here's this week's episode, I hope you enjoy it!

What I've been reading?

Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's Boy By L.A. Meyer
(Summery from

"Life as a ship's boy aboard HMS 'Dolphin' is a dream come true for Jacky Faber. Gone are the days of scavenging for food and fighting for survival on the streets of eighteenth-century London. Instead, Jacky is becoming a skilled and respected sailor as the crew pursues pirates on the high seas.
There's only one problem: Jacky is a 'girl'. And she will have to use every bit of her spirit, wit, and courage to keep to keep the crew from discovering her secret. This could be the adventure of her life-- if only she doesn't get caught..."

Pirates! By Celia Rees
(Summery from

"At the dawn of the eighteenth century, when girls stay home and sew while men sail the high seas finding adventure, danger and gold, two unusual girls, Nancy Kington and Minerva Sharpe, one a rich merchant's daughter, the other her plantation slave, set sail from Jamaica on a ship the crew renames Deliverance. Not just any trading ship, Deliverance flies black flags from its mast and proclaims to all that the new ship is a pirate vessel, striking fear into the hearts of those she approaches. Or so they hope.
For Nancy, Deliverance is her escape from an arranged marriage with a controlling and devilish man. For Minerva, it is escape from slavery, as well as from the fearsome overseer on Nancy's family plantation. But in the end, the money, the adventure, the companionship and the chance to see the world not as women, but as fearsome pirates, is an opportunity neither can deny.
From the award-winning and best-selling author Ceila Rees comes a powerful, thrilling and ultimately inspiring journey of two women who break the bonds of gender, race, and position to find their own way to glory."

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas By John Boyne

Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventure of Jacky Faber, Midshipsman and Fine Lady By L.A. Meyer

The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook: Dyeing, Painting, Spinning, Designing, Knitting By Lynne Vogel



Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday: August 19, 2015

You'll be pleased to know that Friday will be a full of pictures post. And this week's WIP is my Flax Sweater.

I'm knitting it out of Caron Simply Soft in the Charcoal Heather color way, on US 5 and 7 needles.
If you noticed something off with some of my projects it's because I've been twisting my stitches! I didn't realized this until yesterday when I had posted about the things I had finished this week when someone had asked if I was meaning to twist them. I didn't even know that I was, but we figured out that it was a way I was wrapping my yarn that was making my stitches twist. So I'm in the process of teaching my self the new way to better my self in the future. I think I'm doing good so far.

What have you been working on?
Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

FO Friday: August 14, 2015

This week I had finished my Leaving Cowl, right after the WIP Wednesday post actually.

Pattern: Leaving Cowl by Maria Magnusson.
Yarn: Handspun 7yaks fiber
Needles: US 7s- 4.5mm

I really like the way it worked up and I had the perfect amount of yarn for it too. 

Have you finished anything this week?


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WIP Wednesday: August 12, 2015

I'm still working on my Leaving Cowl, but I just have the border to finish then it should be done. Hopefully I can finish it today!

The notes for this will be on my project page.

What have you been working on?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Memory Monday: August 10, 2015

After a work and creek filled weekend for me, I'm ready (some what) to start a work filled week.
I hope that this Monday is kind to every one! 

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Episode 15 "Good Vibes"

I hope you've enjoyed this week's episode. Links to everything mentioned is below.

What I've been reading?

Talented by Sophie Davis
(Summary from
"Block it out. Impossible for Talia Lyons. When you're a Mind Manipulator it's hard enough to block the thoughts of others, let alone your own.
Block it out. The pounding, siren-ready world Talia inhabits as she trains with her fellow Hunters, the country's top-secret covert operatives. The physical demands. The emotional toll.
Block it out. The secrets that Talia's boyfriend is hiding. Talia's unbidden feelings of frustration and annoyance toward her teammate, the Casanova of the compound. The wondering why she cares what he thinks.
Block him out. Ian Crane. The man behind the bloodshed marring Talia's memories of her murdered parents. The man she's determined to kill.
Block it all out. Focus.
Talented is an emotionally raw Dystopian Romance, about the life of a girl with extraordinary psychic powers, and what happens when a heart is torn between love and rage."

Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber, Ship's Boy by L. A. Meyer


You are my Sunshine Sampler.



Happy Crafting!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday: August 5, 2015

I've actually have a full FO Friday for this week, but today I'm now working on my Leaving Cowl.

I've been trying to finish all my WIPs before I start anything new and I've been doing pretty good so far. So this week's WIP  Wednesday is of my Leaving Cowl by Maria Magnusson.

I'm knitting it up in my 7yaks fiber that I had spun up a couple of months ago. I'm really liking the way it's turning out and I love knitting it out of my handspun. With all the wool things I've been working on and finishing it's making me wish fall will get here quicker.

What have you been working on?


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Year of Handmade: Prompt 15

What is something you wish you were batter at?

I wish I was better at spinning. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that I'm a horrible spinner but I can definitely learn a lot more and improve quite a bit. I just need to have the patience and time to just sit down and watch some videos and read some books while I spin to get the hang of the different techniques that I would be learning. 

What is something you wish you were better at?


Monday, August 3, 2015

Memory Monday: August 3, 2015

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I have some great news to share with you along with some FOs but you'll have to wait until the next episode and FO Friday to hear about those. :P

Happy Monday!