Friday, July 24, 2015


I did promise to post every once in a while what I had written in the 642 Things to Write About. This will be the second one I post and it's not the exact thing, I have edited it a little to make a little more sense. But here we go..


   When I was younger, I loved to watch parades. My small town in Tennessee had at least two every year. (At least two that I can remember.) One is the high school's football homecoming parades. We didn't really go to those when I was kid, it was only until my sister was in Marching Band when we would go and watch and cheer her on. The second is the Christmas parades. Of course, as a young child, I loved the Christmas parades for the pretty lights, cool looking floats (that now that I am older, I can see how cheesy and not the greatest looking they were and are), and the big thing the candy. I remember the first parade I was in, it was my girl scout group's float. My mother and I were on it and all I really remember is being at the starting point dressed in my winter clothes and holding my teddy bear. Oh, and being really, really cold. 

Now, to jump forward in time a few years to my 7th grade year in Junior high. This was my first year of marching in both the football homecoming and Christmas parades. I was super excited to be a part of the parades and was really proud to be in my school's Marching Band. But over the six years of being in Marching Band, I started to hate parades. I hated marching in them, it got to the point where I would curse to my self every time I came time for the next parade. 

But now that I'm adult, I look back at those six years and I really miss marching in parades. Heck, I just miss Marching and Concert band in general, but I just miss making people happy when we marched and I miss the friends that I had made those years of being in band. Even though parades were not our favorite thing to do, we still had a great time doing them. 

And every year, as part of family tradition since I was a kid, I try to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and I look forward to listening and watching the Marching Band play their hearts out. While I sit back and remember the good times I had being in and watching parades.

Sam <3