Thursday, April 23, 2015

Year of Handmade: Prompt 8

8. Crafting in Public Stories

I don't have many crafting in public stories, only a few. Of course I've had some people ask me how I started knitting whenever I'm knitting in public. I mostly have people ask what I'm working on. I've noticed that older people compliment my projects and people around my age just give me weird looks. (Which is when I return their weird look right back at them.) 
The last time I had someone say something about me crafting was when I was drop spindling in a doctor's office waiting room. I noticed a older woman watching me. When she realized that I noticed her watching me she said that couldn't help watching, that it fascinated her. Then she told my that she does a lot of crafts as well. I hope I get more responses like that in the future. :)

What are some of your crafting in public stories?