Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Start of My Handmade Year

While I was checking out some new blogs before work yesterday, I stumbled across the blog Rebecca Bee Designs. And she is starting "Year of handmade: Craft blog prompts" and I decided to join her. She has it was there is 24 prompts so enough for 2 a month, and I'll be posting my responses at the beginning and end of each month. (So this week is going to a little post heavy if everything goes right.) So welcome to my handmade year!

1. In the beginning: how did you get into the craft? 

 Where to begin? I have many crafts so it's hard to decide on which one to start with. But here we go:
Cross-stitching- I actually started this when I was a child, my mother is really into cross-stitching so my sister and I got into it too. I did a few small projects but I also had help starting something or I didn't finish something. But late summer/ early fall, I think, I bought a cross-stitching kit from Wal-mart and some small kits from Joann's. 
Knitting- My sister taught me how to knit when I was 12 or 13 years old. She had taught herself from one of those kits you would get from Wal-mart. But I had put it down for a few years because I got frustrated that none of my projects look remotely close to the pictures it was suppose to be. But my last year in high school or a year after I figured out what was wrong and picked up knitting and haven't stop since.
Crocheting- Again this was something my sister taught me. When she was in college she went to a yarn store and learned how to crochet, then she came home and taught me when I was 16 years old. I had taught myself how to chain but could not for the life of me get past that part. That's pretty much what I was doing during the break period of my knitting, so my hands were still busy.
Painting- I also liked to paint when I was a child but I was very serious about it until 2 years ago. My mother-in-law is really into painting and got start in going to a paint night at the local Visual Arts Center, so the day or two after Jordan and I moved down here, she took me to my first class. Then it just took off from there. Jordan and I did a few class together with her and just the two of us. I haven't been to a class and year, but I have a supply of canvases, brushes, and MIL's paint near me so I can paint whenever I get inspiration.
Spinning- I taught myself how to spin on a drop spindle about a year ago. I would love to learn how to spin on a wheel, but in our situation I don't see a wheel in my future right now. I really love spinning it's really relaxing.
Drawing- I've always drawn small pictures growing up, I just really got into improving that skill this past year.

How did you get into your crafts?
Sam <3