Thursday, October 23, 2014

Magazine Review: Enchanted Knits.

This is another magazine I had picked up after work a few weeks ago, I actually had got this one before I got the newest Interweave Knits. I decided to go ahead and do a review of this as well. So I bring you my opinions on Enchanted Knits: 27 Magical Projects Inspired by The Literature of Fairy Tales and Myths.
Let's start with the cover. They have a lovely photo of the the cover project, which again was the reason why I had picked the magazine up in the first place. Moving on into the magazine, they have some great articles about The Brothers Grim and many other things that show up in a lot of the famous fairy tales. They are very interesting and I highly suggest that you take the time and read them.
(Note: When I'm taking about the patterns, I'll chose my favorite out of each section. So I'm not blabbering on.)
The first section on patterns are called; "Ordinary in the Extraordinary- Anyone can be enchanted by an encounter with magic--an innocent child, a noble passerby, a daring knitter.". There are six patterns in this section, my favorite being the first one the Sylvania Cardigan. I love the lace detail in the back and the cables on the front. 
Next section is "Sinister-A spine-tingling tale, a scaly creature, a jealous interloper--the stuff of sleepless night". Six patterns in this one as well, my favorite being Maleficent's Cloak. I love the way it looks, but the only problem with it is how much yarn and time it would take to knit it. My mother-in-law loves it but she knows that she most likely wouldn't be getting one. :P
The third section is "The Classics- Stories passed down through the ages, as familiar as old friends (or fears), honed like knitting needles." Seven patterns in this section, my favorite is the Rumpelstiltskin's Wrap. The color is amazing and the hood of this is probably my favorite part.
And finally the last section is "Nature's Magic- The gleaming moon, a glowering tree, a furtive fox--the earthly sources of fairy stories."  Six lovely patterns in this last section and my favorite has to be the Among the Birches Shawl. It's such a lovely pattern and yarn combination. 
All the photographs of the projects were well done, you could easily see the pattern on the garments. If you are really into fairy tales then you would love this issue. I highly suggest if you get the chance to look through this to take your time and find some patterns you love. :)

Happy Knitting and Reading!