Friday, August 8, 2014

DIY Shadow Box Project

I found a Pinterest project a few months ago, that made me want to try it out. It was a 
box that you decorate with a movie theme and cut a slit at the top of the box and viola! A shadow box for your movie tickets! 

Our Shadow Box.

Jordan and I picked up everything at Joann's yesterday and it was a super easy and quick project we did together. 

What we used:

1. A 8"x 10" shadow box.
2. 1 sheet of card stock. (Used for scrap booking.)
3. 1 small package of movie themed stickers. (Also used in scrap booking.)
4. A dermal drill.
5. And tape.

Jordan used the drill to make the slit at the top on the box, and if you use one as well make sure you make the slit wider enough to fit your movie tickets through. After he finished drilling, I lined up the card stock against the card board back of the box and cut off the extra that is hanging off. Then I put tape on the back of the card stock to keep it from moving around. The we placed the stickers how we wanted them and added our movie tickets! :) 

It's a really quick and easy project to do. I'm sure there are a ton of fun projects that you can make with shadow boxes. I'm sure I'll make a few more in the future.

If you have an idea for a shadow box project, leave a comment on this post. I would love to hear your ideas. :)

Happy Crafting!