Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

           Today is the day for those who are into football get together with their TVs and watch the Super Bowl. I am not one of them. For one the only football team I'm willing to watch, the Chicago Bears, are not in the Super Bowl. But my family, who I get the football watching gene from, will probably watch it. I on the other hand will not. But for those of you who will be watching it I have a brownie recipe that everyone will love.

                                            Salted Caramel Brownies

            I made them at the beginning of last week and we finally finished them last night. They were amazing and I couldn't recommend them enough. It's an easy recipe and pretty quick to make depending on the kind of oven you own. Jordan and I used chocolate chips instead of baker's chocolate and Jordan just had to add chocolate syrup on top, but I think he had really good thinking there. It just added to the yummy-ness.  
            To those who are watching the Super Bowl, I hope whoever you're rooting for wins, and if you make these brownies I hope they turn out amazing like ours, and to those who are like me and won't be watching, I hope you have a very productive day and/or get a lot of your reading or crafting finished.

     Sam <3