Thursday, February 7, 2013

On and Quickly Off The Hook

I've been wanting an eye mask for a while now, so I can go to sleep faster and better at night without the light from the TV while Jordan plays on his Xbox late at night. So I casted one on last night with some leftover yarn I had from a hat a knitted 2 months ago. And I just finished it a few minutes ago. So Viloa!!

Not very fancy or pretty, but it works. But I still have a little bit of yarn left. 
*sighes* I can never get rid of any kind of yarn in a project without having to either buy more or have a lot leftover. But this was a great stash busting project and a really good gift project if you need something quick to make. To find the pattern, just go to my project page on Ravelry and there you go.
My Raverly username is samashmilligan94.
(Note: I changed the band part of the pattern to something I thought was easier and would use up more yarn, so what you see in the picture isn't exactly what the pattern calls for.)

Happy crocheting!
Sam <3